Campaigners issue updated heatwave guidance for beard:ice-cream interface

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Beard Liberation Front

25th July

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Campaigners issue updated heatwave guidance for beard:ice-cream interface

The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has issued updated heatwave guidelines on eating ice-cream in warm or hot weather after high temperatures have been forecast to continue for much of the UK for the rest of the week.

The campaigners say that while the hot weather naturally provokes the desire for a cooling ice-cream, extra care must be taken when it is hot to make sure that ice-cream does not melt in the beard, creating a sticky mess that can seriously damage the follicles.

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said, our advice to the hirsute is clear: take care out there when eating ice-cream. Tempting though it is in hot weather to eat ice-cream if you don’t follow BLF guidelines you could both make an unpleasant mess and seriously damage your beard.

Updated Guidelines on heating ice cream in hot weather

For the inexperienced beard wearer eating ice cream in hot weather is best avoided. The ice cream may melt and find its way into the beard while being eaten, creating a sticky and unpleasant mess

Lollies are not advised. They are highly likely to drip into the beard which will them become sticky with damaged hairs a likely outcome

If ice-cream must be eaten there are three BLF approved methods:

Eating ice-cream cornets must be done with care. Make sure the paper covering is kept on as you eat the cone and that the bottom is contained in a handkerchief or similar to avoid drips in the beard

From a tub, where amounts consumed can be carefully controlled

In a sandwich, currently fashionable where the ice-cream is contained between two substantial biscuits (NOT wafers)



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