Guidelines for organic & full beards in 30C+ temperatures

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Beard Liberation Front

24th July

Contact Keith Flett 07803 167266

Guidelines for organic & full beards in 30C+ temperatures

The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has updated guidelines for those who wish to wear organic or full beards despite very high temperatures in some parts of the UK this week.

The campaigners say that the organic or full beard can:

1 Protect against sunburn

2] Act as a cooling device

However there is also a significant danger that exposure to the sun can cause beard hairs and follicles to dry out and this may impact on the quality and longer term growth potential of the beard. A similar impact may be noted where the sustained periods of sun turn grass from green to a washed out yellow in appearance.

In order to guard against this the Beard Liberation Front updated guidelines are:

1 Keep the beard moist at all times. This may be done by a variety of methods:

A} A water spray

B} regular immersion in a glass of craft beer

C} application of a bag of frozen peas to the beard

2 Protect the beard from prolonged exposure to strong sun. A linen snood is recommended

3 Keep the beard cool at all times. This may be done by regular exposure of the hairs to a freezer compartment of a domestic fridge or the equivalent in a supermarket

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said, the winner of the Beard of Summer Philip Ardagh is an excellent role model for the wearing of the full beard in hot weather. His example is one to follow.


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