The Ambridge Socialist: why we boycotted the Ambridge fete

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 Years of the class struggle in Ambridge

July 22nd

Why we boycotted the fete over Damara involvement

The Ambridge Socialist boycotted the 2018 Ambridge Fete over the involvement of Damara Capital. Damara, headed up by fat cat Justin Elliott is building luxury housing in Ambridge with an ever diminishing number of allegedly affordable homes. We say that housing built in the area should be provided by Borsetshire Council not Damara. We aim to leaflet the fete on this basis.

Sign the Ambridge Socialist petition on Affordable Homes in Ambridge here

Who nobbled Pet’s Party Pieces

Alastair’s special friend Lavina won this competition with Anton du Bark. But its clear that it was nobbled. According to a poll of Ambridge Socialist readers the attempted (and failed) nobbler was Robert Snell

Home Farm for sale

Jennifer and Brian are currently clear that in order to address the pollution crisis at Home Farm the house must be sold. Who however might buy it and where do they plan to live? In addition where will farm operations be run from? Decisions in principle often meet practical problems..

In Other News

Despite saying he was leaving Ambridge Alastair is still in the village and still arguing with Shula. Enough!!


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