Not democracy in action: 2017 Tory anti-Union Act scores first success with PCS ballot

In Uncategorized on July 23, 2018 by kmflett

The ballot for industrial action over pay in the civil service PCS trade union has delivered an overwhelming majority for industrial action but failed the anti-democratic test of a 50% turn-out of those entitled to vote which is part of the Tories 2017 Trade Union Act. Details are here:

An interesting analysis of the impact of the 2017 Act by Gregor Gall appeared recently in the Morning Star:

It provides some context to media stories that the number of strikes and strike days is down.

The PCS result is disappointing not least because the democratic intent of union members has been frustrated but it underlines that trench warfare on the issue of ballots, strategy and tactics and effective action will continue.

It is to be hoped that before long a Government will be in Office that will sweep away anti-democratic laws on unions. Democratic ballots are important, artificial pass/fail criteria derived from the ill-intentioned is not democracy.

In the meantime if the present Government really is keen on facilitating democratic ballots and decision making in the workplace perhaps they will at least legislate to allow e-ballots


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