The Ambridge Socialist: Tolpuddle 2018 special issue

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The Ambridge Socialist

68 Years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

Tolpuddle 2018 special

In 1834 six Dorset labourers were sentenced to be transported to Australia for 7 years for trying to form a trade union. They became known as the Tolpuddle Martyrs.

In 2018 the only person going to jail in Ambridge is Brian Aldridge.

However the issue of proletarians in rural Borsetshire is a key one and much under reported by the BBC.

Fruit pickers

Adam, who voted Leave, has struggled with fruit pickers this year as workers from the rest of Europe have steered clear of Ambridge. He has been forced to try and recruit local labour which given the low wage rates he pays is no easy matter

Damara Capital

Parish Councillor Emma Grundy is looking for a new home in Ambridge and had hoped that the housing development by Damara Capital would provide sufficient affordable homes. However Damara have reduced the numbers of such properties claiming financial concerns. Emma has set up an on-line petition. The Ambridge Socialist also has an on-line petition here:

Neil Carter Patrician

Neo-liberalism doesn’t rule in every area of Ambridge though. Neil Carter manager of the Berrow Farm pig unit has suggested that an under-performing new worker should be given time to learn the job.

Trade Unions

Our main concern however is that there is so little obvious sign of trade union organisation in Ambridge. There is work for Unite the Union to do. Mike Tucker was an effective local union organiser but since then, nothing it seems.

We say:

Organise, Organise, Organise


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