The Ambridge Socialist. Forget football, Debbie’s coming home

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The Ambridge Socialist

8th July

All the news of the class struggle in Borsetshire

Forget Football: Debbie’s coming home

Brian has asked Debbie to come home to sort out the Home Farm crisis (see below). It will happen as soon as the BBC has crowdfunded Debbie’s appearance fee.

Debbie is back but will anyone else re-appear?

Simon Pemberton: Former associate but turned out to be violent & nasty. Left Ambridge in disgrace

Simon Gerrard: husband for 3 years before he was divorced. Smarmy two-timer

Gary Horrobin: brother of Susan Carter & former associate

No Poor Doors in Ambridge

Unsurprisingly because of the latest crisis of capitalism Justin has declared that his new housing development will have to have less affordable housing. Quelle Surprise. Not. No doubt Justin has in mind poor doors where the few residents of affordable housing (if it really is affordable) will have to use a separate entrance to the rich. Parish Councillor Emma Grundy is absolutely right to be on Justin Elliott’s case about this. He needs squeezing until the cojones squeak.

Home Farm: the lawyers move in

According to the BBC Brian Aldridge’s lawyer has advised him that Kate has a case about the proceeds from the sale of land adjacent to her so called Spiritual Home. Brian needs to get a new lawyer. Meanwhile Adam has also threatened legal action. The BBC has reported that in any case the sale of the land that caused the dispute has fallen through.

We say let the bourgeoisie squabble, the lawyers fees will bankrupt them

In Other News

PC Knacker Burns has given in and acquired paper straws for the wedding with Fallon

Jazzer has been into Borchester to buy a dress (but not for himself, yet)

Freddie is dealing to the pickers tho how they can afford Ambridge prices on the wages Adam pays is a mystery




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