SAS Beard Ban criticised as pogonophobic

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Beard Liberation Front


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SAS Beard Ban criticised as pogonophobic

The solider pictured is not in the SAS

The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has said that there are concerns over a newspaper report that SAS soldiers stationed at the unit’s HQ in Hereford have been ordered to shave their beards while based there.

It has been the practice for male SAS soldiers to wear beards while on operational duties elsewhere in the world but according to the report any based at Hereford must be clean shaven.

The Beard Liberation Front says that the beard ban in the Army (which does not apply in the same way in the Navy and RAF) is an absurd hangover from the imperial era and quite out of touch with the modern world.

In reality the soldiers need to grow beards weeks before being deployed so the ban is also operationally inefficient

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said, in a world where the England football manager is hailed as a style icon while wearing a beard, the Army beard ban is both anachronistic and it would seem quite impractical. There should be no room for pogonophobia in modern Britain.


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