The Ambridge Socialist: Ambridge at War

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 Years of the class struggle in Ambridge

July 1st

The Mutual Destruction of the Contending Parties

so, farewell then Home Farm

Alastair: You’re Wondering Now

Anisha has announced that she has got a job as a horse vet at Newmarket and is quitting her partnership with Alastair. She also plans take Rex with her. Alastair has claimed that Shula and Anisha have conspired to ruin him. We can but hope. And the sooner the better

Home Farm in crisis

Last week the Ambridge Socialist asked whether there is a future for Kate’s Spiritual Home. 81% didn’t care giving Brian Aldridge a boost in his plan to push on with selling farm land adjacent to Kate’s business.

However on Friday Kate eventually succeeded in forcing a meeting of the Partnership (minus Adam who was involved with some strawberry pickers). She claimed to have legal advice that if Brian sold the land next to Spiritual Home, she would be entitled to withhold her share of the proceeds from the clean up of the land Brian allowed to be polluted. The alternative would be then be the dissolution of the Partnership and the end of Home Farm. Brian, usually the ultimate bluffer, was caught off guard here. Instead of suggesting that he had checked with his own lawyers and Kate’s advice was wrong- hence Aldridge v Aldridge in Court in a year or two as the whole business is consumed by legal fees- he allowed space for a suggestion, backed by Roooth, that an alternative would be to sell the house.

In future Brian and Jenny Dahling can live in a yurt in Spiritual Home.

In Other News

Daveed has been having a chat with Jazzer in the Bull. The patrician society is still alive in Ambridge

Lily is going to tell on Freddie and Freddie is going to tell on Lily. Its known as the mutual destruction of the contending parties (see Home Farm and Alastair above)


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