CAMRA revitalisation: those who make only half a revolution dig their own graves

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CAMRA revitalisation: those who make only half a revolution dig their own graves

It’s the CAMRA members weekend at Warwick University-read national conference-and members have been considering proposals for change.

The results indicate, in my view, progress but not enough progress.

Why does this matter? For many who I met today at Five Points 5th birthday party in Hackney and at the Beavertown and Pressure Drop taprooms in Tottenham it does not. They were not aware the event was happening and very few are members. Yet everyone was at these three venues because they like good beer- cask, keykeg and indeed in some cases keg.

I’ve been a member of CAMRA since 1975 (my thoughts on this are linked below) and I won’t be leaving. I was among the 18,000+ people who voted on the resolutions based on the revitalisation project. That is a several years long review of how CAMRA is relating to the modern world of pubs, beer and brewing. I was also one of the 16,000+ people who voted for 4 places on the CAMRA Executive. CAMRA has over 190,000 members. Food for serious thought there.

I care because I think that an independent voice for consumers is vital in the modern world of beer. Of course CAMRA is a Company (hence the 75% threshold for changes to be passed, absurd in my view) and there are always comprises in life. However CAMRA owns no pubs or breweries and can speak out independently. That is important when even the most on trend craft brewery could be tempted by a buy-out from a global mega-drinks outfit. It happens frequently across the globe.

The results today saw CAMRA members back change up to a point.

Unfortunately Special Resolution 6 fell just short of the 75% threshold at 72.6%. So what you may say? Here is a paragraph of that Resolution:

‘CAMRA’s failure to acknowledge these developments (craft beer KF) risks failing beer consumers but also best ignores, at worse alienates one of the most obvious accessible and youthful audiences for real ale’

Well indeed yes. Of course as Roger Protz tweeted it was only just short of 75% and if CAMRA was organised sensibly 50% or 66.6% should have seen it passed.

Unfortunately the Executive results didn’t help much. I wont name names except to say that I was very disappointed that Tiny Rebel’s Bradley Cummings fell just short of being elected. Perhaps he should be co-opted. Of the 4 candidates who were elected one is in favour of craft, one is a craft-phobic and the other two candidates were silent on the matter. I’ve no doubt all work hard and are great campaigners. But it’s a direction of travel we’re looking at here.

So to echo the words of Saint Just, those who make only half a revolution dig their own graves. Let’s hope not though I’m sure there will be numbers saying so in rather less temperate tones.

I, as above, will be staying. Here is why:


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