The Guardian Berliner 12.9.05-13.1.18

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The Guardian Berliner 12.9.05- 13.1.18The first Fletters

The Guardian cost 60p in 2005…

The Guardian changed from a broadsheet to a Berliner format on 12th September 2005 in response to the now ex-newspaper the Independent and the Times launching tabloid editions in 2003. The Guardian itself is to go tabloid from 15th January and the 13th January is the last Berliner edition.

Below are the first two Fletters that appeared in the Berliner Guardian.

The first in Guardian Education, the day after the Berliner first appeared. The second a week after in response to a spoof columnist Norman Johnson. The irony about the latter (probably Catherine Bennett) was that the opinions Our Norman spouted are not only to be found regularly inhabiting social media nowadays but are far from absent among Guardian commentators themselves 12 years on (and they think they are being serious).

Anyway, here’s to the tabloid’s letters page..


Suited for the job

Peter Knight (Opinion, September 6) weighs up what it takes to be a vice-chancellor but unaccountably misses out the key requirements. Namely that you must be white, male and in possession of several good suits.

Keith Flett

London N17

Guardian 13th September 2005

Norman Johnson (Free radical, September 17) is no David Aaronovitch. Aaronovitch supports the war, but he can have a go at trying to explain why. Johnson simply makes cheap shots at George Galloway. Still, there is always hope. Johnson mentions Orwell so he must be in favour of staring reality in the face. And he mentions Muswell Hill, so he must know voters there ejected their MP in May for being pro-war.

Keith Flett

Guardian 20th September 2005


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