Four Day Test Matches: the bottom line

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Four Day Test Matches: the bottom line

There has been considerable media coverage of the ICC’s decision to trial 4 day Test Matches:

The 5 day Test is inconvenient to the bottom line (that is profit and loss) because if the Test doesn’t last 5 days many of the costs remain 5 day ones and broadcasters, Sky in particular, are left with gaps in their schedule.

The debate about ending 5-day Tests one feels is motored primarily by the bottom line and not by a measured consideration on the impact of the change on the longer form of the game.

It may well be true that in the modern world, and in particular in the modern world of work, many struggle to find time (and often money) to attend a Test (hence the day-night experiment, unfortunately it also became clear that people who work have to go to bed at a reasonable time and so are not keen on being at a Test in the later evening).

However there must be enough people from school children to the retired who do have time in the summer to get to a Test even allowing for the above.

Be all this as it may, the core of the ICC announcement is NOT actually about four day tests (which they plan to trial for new Test playing nations) but about a two year Test match championship starting after the 2019 World Cup.

This one takes it is an alternative attempt to increase attendance at Tests across the cricket playing globe. I cant say the idea particularly enthuses me, since I tend to think that in any Test the key contest is between the two teams rather than where the outcome leaves them in a league table, but we shall see.


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