Tottenham brewing: a heritage rediscovered

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Tottenham Brewing: a heritage rediscovered

Tottenham is listed as a centre of London brewing in the current London Beer City guide. Before 2010 and the opening of Redemption Brewery this seemed very unlikely. Yet with Pressure Drop now brewing on the same industrial estate and the area also hosting Affinity, Brewheadz and One Mile End there are now six working breweries.

Tottenham does have a largely forgotten brewing history. The Tottenham lager brewery operated in the late nineteenth century and closed very early in the twentieth century.

Some details are here:

The only obvious thing left now are the gates, although it’s possible that some buildings and a chimney on what was the site of the brewery may be related to it.

More details can be discovered in Gambrinus Waltz by master beer writers Boak and Bailey

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