The Glorious Twelfth in Ambridge: Has Brian read the 1831 Game Act?

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Ambridge Socialist

13th August


Has Brian Aldridge read the 1831 Game Act

The 12th August termed ‘glorious’ by some is the start of the annual grouse shooting season. It is a matter of considerable controversy focused around whether grouse moors create rural jobs and boost the economy or simply drain off public subsidies. That’s without considering the grouse who may cease to exist as a result..

In 2009 Brian was found planning a day’s shooting of Partridge later in August. Ambridge has no moorland, or grouse, but it certainly has shooting and game birds to shoot, at least if game keeper Will Grundy has been doing his job and his father hasnt poached them.

Yet under the 1831 Game Act the Partridge shooting season doesnt start until 1st September.

The Daily Telegraph became quite excited about Brian 2009 faux pas:

Has Brian familiarised himself with the 1831 Act this year?


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