The Ambridge Socialist: Crisis or no crisis, Alistair Lloyd is dull

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 Years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

August 13th

Crisis or no crisis Alistair is Dull

The Archers is about rural affairs and how the class struggle impacts on them. In that framework clearly a vet of some sort is essential and Alistair Lloyd has been fulfilling the role for many years. From time to time Alistair has an existential crisis of some sort which some might say that given he lives with Saint Shula is no real surprise. Currently he is having a crisis. Matt is pressuring him and Alastair think his past transgressions may be revealed to his new business partner Anisha. Alistair has been tempted to start gambling again.

The problem is Alistair is dull, really really dull.  Could not his crisis not be covered elsewhere by the BBC, indeed isn’t this in part what Ambridge Extra was for?

Racism in Borsetshire

Its unclear who the local youths are who have been attacking fruit pickers. What is clear is that as usual PC Harrison Burns is not on the case. The Ambridge Socialist is considering holding an Ambridge United vigil on the village green.

In other news

Jill remains in campaigning mode. The Ambridge Socialist approves.


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