Campaigners say pogonophobia still an issue at BBC as Jeremy Vine shaves ‘holiday beard’

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Beard Liberation Front press release

Contact Keith Flett 07803 167266

14th August

Campaigners say pogonophobia still an issue at BBC as Jeremy Vine shaves ‘holiday beard’

The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has said that pogonophobia, irrational dislike of the hirsute, remains an issue at the BBC after presenter Jeremy Vine shaved his ‘holiday beard’ on Sunday before returning to broadcasting this week.

Vine posted a picture of his beard on twitter together with a poll on whether he should keep it. Less than 30% thought he should shave his facial hair.

Vine’s beard was attacked by the pogonophobic Sun ‘newspaper’ which claimed it made him look like Jeremy Corbyn. Of course to pogonophobes anyone with a beard ‘looks like’ the Labour leader

The campaigners say that Vine’s beard dilemma came on the 4th anniversary of Jeremy Paxman’s decision to keep his own holiday beard in August 2013. He shaved it off after 147 days claiming that the BBC was pogonophobic and he had been pressured to shave.

BLF organiser Keith Flett said, of course its entirely up to Jeremy Vine whether or not he has a beard. However if a newspaper calls your beard ‘scruffy’ on Saturday, you don’t shave it off on Sunday. We think Vine should have kept the beard for a while and then decided its future.






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