The Ambridge Socialist: We stand with Jill Archer. Duxfords out of Borchester now!!

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The Ambridge Socialist
65 Years of the class struggle in Borsetshire
August 6th

We stand with Jill Archer: Duxfords out of Borchester now!!

The Ambridge Socialist stands with Jill Archer. The bourgeois Duxfords are not wanted in Borsetshire with their food for the wealthy while others go short. It’s time to drive them out of the County and if that takes direct action, flapjacks or whatever, so be it.

Matt ‘owns’ Lilian & Justin
The BBC has reported an interesting twist to the Lilian, Justin and Matt Crawford liaison. It appears that the marital home of Lilian and Justin is in fact owned by a trust set up by Matt when he was jailed for various earlier misdemeanours. What the precise status of this trust is, is as a murky as a glass of craft beer.

Justin has resolved to buy the property, breaking all links with Matt. However Lilian has so far been unable to locate the Trustees of the property. Do the in fact exist?

David Archer writes his memoirs..
It appears that David Archer is planning a volume of memoirs in time for the Xmas market. It may mention badger murder but it seems unlikely that he is yet ready to tell the story of how pushed Nigel Pargetter off the roof of Lower Loxley. Hopefully PC Harrison Burns will read the text carefully (some hope..)

In other news
Anisha is doing work for Matt. This won’t end well
Brian is considering being MC at the Ambridge fete. Surely this job is normally reserved for a celebrity. Isn’t it about time Jeremy Corbyn visited Ambridge?

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