The Ambridge Socialist: We Defend Jill Archer

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The Ambridge Socialist
65 Years of the class struggle in Borsetshire
July 30th

We defend Jill Archer: say NO to the Duxfords

The Ambridge Socialist has received widespread backing for its call that the caution given to Jill Archer after an incident at the opening of the Duxford’s new restaurant in Borchester this week is withdrawn.

It was unfortunate that the flapjack thrown by Jill hit the notorious anti-union business owner Lulu Duxford in the eye, but it was an accident and ultimately no damage was done. Further throwing foodstuff, more traditionally rotten eggs, is a recognised and legitimate form of protest that should not in itself attract the attention of the police.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, we back Jill Archer. We have no objection as such to ‘high-end’ restaurants provided that they are committed to working with the community they are in and investing in it. We don’t see any sign as yet that the Duxfords are doing that. Perhaps their appearance at the Ambridge Fete will provide an opportunity for them to showcase their commitment to the area.

Racist Graffiti at Home Farm
Roy, rightly, has reported the presence of racist graffiti at Home Farm. Investigating who was responsible and putting a stop to any further instances might be a more useful way for PC Harrison Burns to spend his time compared to his other activities this week.

In other news
Ed has mended Oliver & Caroline’s jug


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