Camden Town Brewery opens in Ponders End: good news for London brewing?

In Uncategorized on July 29, 2017 by kmflett

Camden Town Brewery opens in Ponders End

The official opening to the public of Camden Town Brewery in Ponders End on the River Lea Navigation is good news.

Reportedly it is the biggest investment in London brewing for 30 years, and that investment has been made by Camden’s owner AB InBev.

I haven’t seen figures for the numbers employed on site, but following the departure of Fords Truck plant from a nearby location a few years ago, the opening the Brewery is good news for the Enfield economy. It’s to be hoped that union organisation and recognition follows on, as is, mostly usual in large breweries.

Camden is a large brewery, again reportedly with a capacity to brew 400,000HL a year, which is a lot of cans and kegs of Hells.
There is no reason to doubt that the beer produced at Ponders End will be of good quality and highly drinkable.

It’s not really for me in general, because while Camden’s beer range is well made it’s a little on the dull side.

Thankfully the existing Kentish Town site will continue to produce small batch and collab beers and no doubt some of these I will sample.

Of course the ownership by AB In Bev doesn’t make me rush to drink Camden beer, but provided companies like this provide decent working conditions and behave ethically- and to be clear they can afford to, and need to if they don’t want damaged reputations- I don’t have an in principle issue with drinking their beer.

Would it be my beer of choice however? No


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