50 years on from the Sexual Offences Act: a lot done, a lot still to do

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50 years on from the Sexual Offences Act

British Library

What a long way we’ve come and what a long way we still have to go.

July 27th marks the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act which marked the partial decriminalisation of homosexual acts in some parts of the UK.

The British Library has a free exhibition:

Which as ever is well curated and well worth a visit.

There will also be TV programmes and other media.

In 1967 being gay was still regarded as being at best unfortunate (not something to be celebrated) and perhaps an illness or a disability. It was just that jailing men for consensual sex really didn’t fit the mood of the age.

Of course bigots hated it and they still do (check the DUP) and while being ‘out’ about sexuality is easier than it was 50 years ago it’s still no easy matter for many.

1967 was not gay liberation, Stonewall was the start of that in some ways, and while it was legislation by a Labour Government, that didn’t mean that Labour or the labour movement were embracing LGBT rights in 1967. No trade union backed the 1967 Act which is why Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners less than 20 years later was so important.

Time to reflect and celebrate and keep fighting for equality and beyond


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