The Ambridge Socialist: Scandal of Jill Archer’s £16K a year

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The Ambridge Socialist

Special Bulletin

25th July

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Scandal of Jill Archer’s £16K a year

The Ambridge Socialist has said that the fact that actress Patricia ‘Paddy’ Greene gets paid just £16,000 a year to appear in the Archers as matriarch Jill Archer is a scandal that needs to be urgently addressed.

Greene revealed the figure in an interview with the Daily Telegraph on 25th July to mark the 60th anniversary of her first appearance in Ambridge in 1957.

While there is no evidence that the men of Ambridge get paid more the appalling low remuneration for those who appear in what is one of the BBC’s longest running programmes, cannot be sustained.

Greene herself tells the Telegraph that the issue is that leading TV figures like Chris Evans get paid too much. That may be so, but they don’t pay themselves. Their salary is negotiated with the BBC who willingly pay them large sums.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, the BBC must act or we will have no alternative but to organise a protest at the Mailbox in central Birmingham where the Archers is recorded. Those who appear every week from Ambridge deserve to be paid decently.


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