The Women;s World Cup Cricket Final: gender & class at Lords

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The Women’s World Cup Cricket Final: on gender & class

I, along with my partner Megan, and friends, (including at least one Labour MP) were at Lords on Sunday for the final of the Women’s Cricket World Cup between England and India.


It was a sold-out occasion but not perhaps as typical as all that of a big day at Lords.

I’ve been going to Lords man and boy and while, as a left-wing socialist, I know that it is of course a centre of ruling class power in Britain, in practice there is no particular issue about getting in and getting a seat (although these days as for most international matches at most grounds you have to do so over the interweb in advance and that does limit the range of those attending a bit).

On Sunday the crowd was younger and more diverse than often. That is many were there to see the cricket (not all , and btw, that’s fine, there is ample space to dip in and out, eat and drink and just enjoy life at Lords, when it’s not raining).

It was also a women’s final at Lords. This is a fairly recently development.

And what a match. England didn’t look like they had scored enough runs to win and with around 5 overs to go in their innings India looked to be cruising to victory, Then England bowler Anya Shrubsole struck taking 6 wickets and England won by 9 runs.

If England men manage anything anywhere as exciting before the end of the international season in the UK in a couple of months it will be great news and a bit surprising on present form.

We should have known though that this would be a great day. This season the Ambridge cricket team has been combined women and men. Now there is an idea for England.


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