The Ambridge Socialist: So. Farewell, then, Caroline

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The Ambridge Socialist
65 Years of the class struggle in Borsetshire
July 23rd

So. Farewell, then, Caroline

We don’t often note the passing of the bourgeois of Ambridge (unless to celebrate it) but we make an exception for Caroline Sterling who died (in the Archers) in Italy last week. Caroline was as Saint Shula told Alan the Vicar this week, an atheist. The ruling class of Ambridge can it seems accommodate the odd dissident.

Even so her partner Oliver having arrived back in the UK is and is proposing that the Vicar lead the memorial service as a friend. We wonder what the other noted Ambridge atheist, Professor Jim, has to say on this.

Oliver & the Grundys

Oliver is annoyed with the Grundys, some will say understandably in the circumstances. We suggest ACAS is called in

In other news
The turn-out at Matt’s Investor’s Day at Grey Gables was underwhelming. Matt has accused Justin of orchestrating a stay-away. Justin is unrepentant. All is fair in the class war.
The Duxford Sisters high-end restaurant continues to cause angst
Rooth has provided unconditional but critical support for Brian…
Lilian is still 70



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