Theresa May’s Government July 2017: class, wealth & death

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Class, wealth & death

It is that time of year when official society shuts down for a bit- Parliament rises for the summer recess on 21st July- and before that come a stream of official announcements.

First Sir Michael Marmot, a leading authority in health and life expectancy, released figures suggesting that a steady increase in life expectancy had stalled from around 2010 and this might well be due to the impact of austerity:

The Government then, perhaps in reaction, released the news that the State pension age would rise much earlier than expected.
From 2039 you’ll need to be 68 to get a State pension. As the TUC noted this means that numbers will be not well enough to work but not old enough to get a pension,

Finally because there must be circuses as well as bread, the BBC revealed the salaries of its top earners.

Unsurprisingly there were more men than women:

That said, while a few on the left fumed, it was the right that understood the purpose of this exercise. By revealing how much BBC ‘talent’ is paid, the Tories friend Rupert Murdoch can offer them more and undermine public service broadcasting further.
Perhaps it would be a good idea to spend the summer planning how to get rid of this Tory Government.



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