The Ambridge Socialist: Ambridge & Tolpuddle, for the many

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 Years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

July 17th

Ambridge & Tolpuddle: For the many

The Ambridge Socialist Editorial team has paid its annual research visit to the countryside, to Dorset for the annual Tolpuddle festival.

The location is not as far away as all that from Borsetshire, but there is little agricultural labour there now, although a good deal of agricultural activity.

The mood however was upbeat, with a feeling that now is the time to take on those who pay low wages and charge high rents. Surely that mood must be felt in Ambridge too?

Will Matt bonk Lilian?

After apparently not sending Lilian a present for what the BBC have reported was her 70th birthday, Matt has now sent her a puppy. What can it mean. Will the dogs tail wag again?

Once again on Brian, Ruairi & the power of Attorney

Having decided that David is too knackered to represent the interests of underage Ruairi in the forthcoming battles between Brian, Adam and Justin over the future of capitalist agriculture in Borsetshire, Brian tried Tom. Prudently he turned him down. Brian has now asked Rooooth, very much against the grain because after all even he has noticed that she isn’t a man..

She has agreed but agreement will no doubt come at a price


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