The Ambridge cricket team: which side are you on?

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The Ambridge Socialist
July 9th

Will or Harrison: which side are you on?

Class Enemy
After his accusation on Sunday that PC Harrison Burns lied to the Ambridge cricket team about the possibility of a merger with Darrington if they couldn’t put a side together (by having women players) Will ‘forelock tugger’ Grundy has been canvassing support for a motion of no confidence against the Constable. So far Neil has agreed that the Captain of the cricket club should not lie, while Tom, the voice of moderation as ever, thinks that Will’s plan is extreme, Harrison need only offer a public apology.

How old is Lillian?
According to reports from the BBC Lillian is 70 shortly, although Justin is thought not to know this, believing his gin sodden bride to be forever young. We say that Lilian’s age is entirely matter for her.

Brian, Ruari & the power of Attorney
Having decided that David is too knackered to represent the interests of underage Ruari in the forthcoming battles between Brian, Adam and Justin over the future of capitalist agriculture in Borsetshire, Brian has tried Tom. Prudently Tom has turned him down. Lynda?

Next issue
The 16th July issue of the Ambridge Socialist will be delayed as the Editorial team will be re-acquainting themselves with the rural class struggle in Tolpuddle. See you there.or Harrison: which side are you on


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