A Day in Essex

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A day in Essex

I haven’t been to the Chelmsford beer festival for a while, mainly because the timing hasn’t fitted more than anything else. I’m familiar with the town going way back, friends lived there and it’s easy to get to from Tottenham. So noting that while I planned to be not working at the end of the week, but now I am, I thought a quid pro quo of a few late afternoon hours at the beer festival would be suitable.

The location on a warm summer’s day, Admirals Park around 10 minutes walk from the railway station, is a great one. There is plenty of seating and there are large tents so you don’t need to get sunburnt unless for some odd reason you want to.

But what about the beer you ask?

Yes, I’d been keeping off that subject. The beer range is not of course what you would expect to find in the beard and beer bars of north-east London. There were a large number of 4%ish brown or golden ales on. I’m sure they were fine for those who like that sort of thing.

To be clear I once did. In the days before Mrs Thatcher opened Pandora’s Box and suggested that choice was key to our lives (including though this is not what she had in mind, beer choice) I would have been quite happy to drink many of those beers from handpump in a local pub.

The world has moved on and so have I (a bit). It was not btw about the condition of the beer. I tried two cask IPAs (both 6.5%, both in third of a pint measure) and they were in top form.

Frankly however the cask range was a bit on the dull side. Thankfully Jolly Good Beer were present with 13 keykeg beers. Tbh I had checked this before going because I suspected dullness in the general beer range and if I had just wanted to sit in a park for a few hours, Tottenham has plenty.

Beers from Wild Weather, Elusive, Pig & Porter, Moor and Weird Beer were all in good form and made for a pleasant drinking experience.

The wider infrastructure of the festival also deserves a word. There were plentiful toilets and lots of food options (including Tottenham’s excellent Tangy’s Tastys). It was particularly good to see Purely Pickled Eggs and Handmade Scotch Eggs both present for those who like good pub snacks.

Finally the third of a pint measures deserve praise. I did get a slightly odd look as an old bloke with a beard when I acquired a half pint (instead of a pint) glass and some quizzical expressions at the bars when asking for a third, but full marks. The world is changing still and sampling beer in thirds when there is a range is prudent.

Anyway the festival is on to Saturday. If you have a few hours to spare why not go and see for yourself.

I haven’t mentioned the Essex bit btw. For that check my twitter feed @kmflett for 4th July




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