Huge protest rocks Haringey Council meeting on ‘HDV’ regeneration scheme

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Haringey Trades Council
Media Release
3rd July
Contact: Keith Flett Secretary 07803 167266

Huge protest rocks Haringey Council meeting on ‘HDV’ regeneration scheme

Haringey Trades Council, the local section of the TUC in North London has said that a huge protest, one of the largest in recent times in the Borough, on Monday July 3rd from Ducketts Common by Turnpike Lane tube to Haringey Civic Centre has rocked Councillors who nevertheless pushed through a controversial regeneration plan.

Together with local Labour MPs David Lammy and Catherine West the protest urged leading Councillors to re-think plans to enter into a partnership with privateer Lendlease for what is termed a ‘regeneration’ project for the Borough- primarily impacting on social housing but extending to other areas as well.

It will involve large scale demolition of council and private property in North Tottenham, although the Council has apparently failed to make this clear to occupants.

The trade unionists say that after the Grenfell Tower tragedy it remains essential that the Council re-think whether it is appropriate to hand responsibility for social housing development in particular to privateers. As the Council voted on 3rd July to wilfully ignore this essential point there are now questions of accountability and liability for leading Councillors which it is far from clear that they fully understand and perhaps that they are capable of grasping.

Haringey TUC Secretary Keith Flett said, the protest on Monday was both big and broad as a labour movement should be. The Council leadership must understand that ordinary working people in Haringey do not want to be regenerated by privateers. It is not what is expected from a Labour Council and particularly after the mood of the country has so clearly changed after the June 8th Election.



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