Carlsberg buys London Fields: somewhere between ‘brave’ & ‘courageous’

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Carlsberg buys London Fields in a move somewhere between ‘brave’ & ‘courageous’

The beer writer Matthew Curtis (amongst others & of course the Morning Advertiser) has the story that Carlsberg appears to have ended its search for a UK craft brewery by buying London Fields.

Since the asking price was £1m this may seem like a bargain. The former owner who the HMRC may still be pursuing, will have no further relationship to the brewery.

In fact the brewery does not actually exist. HMRC removed most of the brewing equipment a while back and the beer has been contract brewed at Tom Woods in Lincolnshire which itself unfortunately went into administration in June 2017.

What Carlsberg have bought then is a location (not yet the whole of Hackney..) and a brand. They will it appears install new brewing equipment and that will clearly be associated with the fairly recently launched UK venture of Brooklyn Brewery.

London Fields Brewery and its owner has at best an unfortunate history which you can google. Just how many people do may determine in part the fate of how successful Carlsberg’s move is.

Some may say that since London Fields has a name as the first London craft beer brewery (I’m far from sure this is really correct but we are talking brand perception here) and some well known brand names such as Love not War, the fact that the beer in recent times has often been mediocre and not much seen wont mean much.

No doubt what Carlsberg/Brooklyn brew in Hackney will be of good quality, easily available and probably also priced to undercut the market.

Will I drink it? It would need to be very good indeed to get me to buy a glass given the history and the general dislike of mega-breweries attempts to disrupt craft beer.

That said, this is how capitalism works. Let’s hope that the new London Fields brewery pays the London Living Wage and recognises trade unions



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