The Ambridge Socialist: Ambridge in crisis- is David Archer knackered?

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The Ambridge Socialist
65 Years of the class struggle in Borsetshire
July 2nd

Is David Archer knackered?

David Archer is a comparatively youthful 57 but he has done his back in and is feeling his age. Brian Aldridge who is considerably older at 73 seems to think that David is past it. It can be agreed that after Archer’s murder of Nigel Pargetter, when he pushed him off the roof of Lower Loxley and other incidents including badger murder it may be that life is a bit stressful. But David is the leading member of the Archer’s dynasty that has ruled Ambridge for many generations. If he cant carry on with the class struggle, who can?

Lillian: Justin or Matt or both?
According to BBC reports from Ambridge there seems to be some doubt about whether Lillian prefers her current partner Justin or her previous partner Matt. The Ambridge Socialist believes that this is entirely a matter for Lillian and has no sympathy for either man.

In Other News
Jolene (and Kenton) have set up a regular bank payment to David and Rooth to pay off the outstanding money that they owe from the loan to re-develop The Bull after the Great Flood of Ambridge. David and Rooth had taken to turning up to the Bull for free meals as part payment. So 50p a month it is.


One Response to “The Ambridge Socialist: Ambridge in crisis- is David Archer knackered?”

  1. Don’t forget David’s alter ego is an earl. Les aristocrates à la lanterne!

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