DUP-Tory deal: Cobbett’s ‘Old Corruption’ returns

In Uncategorized on June 26, 2017 by kmflett

With a deal between the DUP and the Tories revealing at last that there is a magic money tree- to the tune of an additional £1bn in funds for the Six Counties, an echo of William Cobbett’s pre-1832 Old Corruption is to be found in Westminster.

I dont see a particular issue with the additional funding provided May abandons austerity and does the same for the rest of the UK and perhaps particularly for the NHS.

Short of this the deal does look Cobbettian.

Cobbett had in mind particularly political rather than personal corruption. Individuals certainly did benefit personally from Old Corruption but the key point was that a certain layer of people got preference over anyone else when it came to public positions and public funds.

Cobbett wrote on 2nd November 1816 in his Address to the Journeymen and Labourers ‘it is the enormous amount of the taxes which the government compels us to pay for the support of its army, its placemen, its pensioners, and for the payment of the interest of its debt’.

Cobbett was referring here not to people who did actual jobs or received pensions having once done them, but in summary people in ‘honorary’ positions who received financial payment because of who they were and their position in society.

It was pre-democratic and today’s deal has a sense of that too.


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