The Ambridge Socialist: Brexiteer Adam faces fruit picker crisis

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 Years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

June 25th

Brexiteer Adam faces fruit picker crisis

For reasons known only to himself (and possibly the scriptwriters) Adam was a self-confessed Brexiteer last June. Particularly in the agricultural world what is sown is also reaped. Media reports have indicated a significant fall in the numbers of fruit pickers this year and that crisis is being felt in Ambridge. Whether it is so serious that Adam needs to employ Freddie Pargetter even just at weekends is another matter.

Why has Tom sold out?

The deal to sell off a part of Bridge Farm to create Ambridge New Town has dominated news in the village this week. However there is another, related, story. Why has Tom sold out?

Kirsty has broken relations with the man she almost (but prudently did not) marry on the basis that he has gone to the dark side. He no longer sees his part in trashing GM crops as being a positive thing and sees no harm in selling land for profit, albeit he is useless at actually doing so.

While Lillian is interested in why Tom nixed an offer of £1m for land from Justin, the Ambridge Socialist is more focused on the question of why Tom has sold out his principles.

In Other News

Adam is 50

Matt is being himself



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