Hottest day for 40 years: a new Minister for Weather required

In Uncategorized on June 22, 2017 by kmflett

Rainmaker: Denis Howell MP

21st June was the hottest day since 1976 and also marked the longest run of days when the temperature in some parts of the UK went over 30c. Considering the average temperature for June is under 20c this indicates a significant weather event..

Although we are not in the drought conditions of 1976 it is surely time for the appointment of a new Weather Minister. In 1976 Birmingham MP Denis Howell (1923-1998) performed the role admirably. Shortly after his appointment to deal with the drought in August 1976, there was torrential rain and ‘floods’ were added to his Ministerial Portfolio.

Of course there was an element of fun to the appointment, Howell suggested bath sharing to save water, but also a serious point. The impact of the weather in 1976 was considerable and Government direction was important.

In 2017 it is not so much drought but issues around air quality and the impact of hot weather on the NHS, with more people requiring treatment, that are the concerns. it clearly does not come easily to the present incumbent of No.10 to organise Government activity and interventions but there is a surfeit of Ministers who could do the job of Minister for Weather from Michael Gove to Boris Johnson…


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