North London trade unionists underline community unity in face of Finsbury Park mosque attack

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Haringey Trades Council
Media Release
19th June
Contact: Keith Flett Secretary 07803 167266
North London trade unionists underline community unity in face of Finsbury Park mosque attack

Jeremy Corbyn MP recently spoke to thousands in North London to underline unity against hate

Haringey Trades Council, the local section of the TUC in North London that covers part of the area around Finsbury Park mosque has said that Monday’s attack on those leaving prayers will only strengthen the resolve of a united community to oppose hate and Islamophobia.

The mosque stands at a point where the London Boroughs of Hackney, Haringey and Islington converge.

As recently as 23rd April this year at the start of the Election campaign, trade unionists and local Labour Parties with support from the South and East Region TUC and Stand Up to Racism, held an event on Ducketts Common, North London, with Jeremy Corbyn.

Thousands attended to support the message of the day that we stood united in our diversity against those who divide by hate, terror and Islamophobia.

Haringey TUC Secretary Keith Flett said, the attack on Finsbury Park Mosque underlines the importance of continuing to press home the point we made so recently on Ducketts Common just a relatively short distance from the Mosque. Although I’m not religious I have attended numbers of community meetings there over the years, a venue welcome to all. Our message remains as ever, united we stand.

link to report of 23rd April event



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