The Ambridge Socialist poll: Which Ambridge businessman would you trust?

In Uncategorized on June 18, 2017 by kmflett

18th June

Matt Crawford

Talk of developing the rural backwater of Ambridge is in the air and Justin Elliott of Damara Capital (and Borsetshire Land) has been making the running. He claimed to be planning a housing development and had offered Pat and Tony £1m for some land at Bridge Farm.

Justin appears to be a cultured bourgeois but he covered up for and for some time employed Rob Titchener underlining that his apparently moral economy has a dark side.

Matt Crawford, the former partner of Lillian Bellamy, would hardly claim to be ‘moral’ but has returned from Venezuela where he had fled with Lillian’s  money claiming he his now engaged in legitimate business activity. He has told Tom Archer that he has contacts who would pay £1.5m for the plot of land at Bridge Farm

On the face of it Matt seems more dodgy than Justin. However Matt’s form is known. Can we be sure about Justin?


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