The Ambridge Socialist: midsummer drugs special issue

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The Ambridge Socialist
65 years of the class struggle in Borsetshire
18th June
Ambridge & drugs

By Hazel Potter
Freddie and Johnny’s trip to the Isle of Wight last weekend featured a pretty common scene across the country: a couple of lads boshing a few pills and dancing the night away. Such scenes are rather less common in Ambridge, where the village’s drug culture is not given much prominence by the BBC.

Piecing together a short history of the occasions where drugs have been featured, starting in the mid-90s, suggests that either Ambridge residents have collectively turned against drugs or there’s been a cover up for decades. In the mid-90s Kate Aldrige enjoyed a spliff or two as well as Ecstasy (which, it appears, is the drug of choice for the upper classes in the village), much to the horror of her mother and her then boyfriend Roy Tucker.

Fast forward a few years and the working classes – Ed and Jazzer – were caught growing cannabis in a Bridge Farm barn. Jazzer later overdosed on Ketamine, supplied by Alistair Lloyd’s partner at the veterinary surgery, Theo, while Ed became addicted to crack while living on the streets after one of many break ups with Emma.

After that drugs disappeared for some time, until Freddie was discovered smoking cannabis at LoxFest (supplied by Fallon’s dad) in 2014 and then, last week Freddie featured again with the Es.

All in all it’s a remarkably short list of drug taking over two decades; cocaine doesn’t feature at all and with the hunting set and wealthy incomers you’d certainly expect to hear about it on a regular basis. The question must be asked: where are all the Ambridge drugs?

Gove set to approve Ambridge New Town
Michael Gove the Minister for Rural Affairs told the Daily Telegraph in 2016 that the Archers was ‘required listening’ in his house. Given Gove’s well-known relationship with telling the truth it is highly likely that the nearest he gets to Ambridge is an occasional glance at the plot synopsis.

However that is not expected to stop Gove giving the Ministerial nod to Justin Elliott’s plans for Ambridge New Town, with the aim, the Ambridge Socialist has been told, of making the area a suburb of Birmingham. Whether Tom will be involved is another matter.

In Other Ambridge News
Leonie and James have turned up at Lynda and Robert Snells even though Leonie has changed the locks and James is no longer living with her. It takes all sorts, even in Ambridge. However after Justin’s timely intervention the dispute has been moved off air to London. Thankfully.

Meanwhile Freddie has returned from his weekend on the Isle of Wight but Elizabeth is still determined that he sits his exams. Freddie has other ideas. For news of what he did there, see the lead article

Kenton has sent David a bottle of Scruff gin.


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  1. If you go back further, Neil was busted for cannabis back in the 70s. Also Eddie’s mate Baggy for magic mushrooms when he was camping at Grange farm in his bus.

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