The Guardian tabloid: let’s hope it works

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The Guardian tabloid: let’s hope it works

So after a costly and ultimately unhappy period with Berliner presses, entered into arguably before it was fully clear what the impact of the interwebs would be on print, The Guardian plans to go tabloid from early 2018. Trinity Mirror will print the paper under contract and let’s hope the 50 existing jobs at risk are dealt with in an appropriate way.

It’s hardly a secret that the Guardian is losing money and needs to save money to keep going. Its print circulation is under 160,000 and a good deal of that is within the M25 I suspect. It has an impressive web operation but so far has not found a satisfactory way to monetise it.

Many on the left will say ‘so what’ fed up with the anti-Corbyn stance of recent times (recently reversed). I’ve been reading what was then the Manchester Guardian since the 1960s (thanks to my late father) and it was not expected then to be the daily organ of Steve Bell’s Inner London Wildlife.

What was expected was excellent reporting and a range of opinion which at its best was unique in the British press.

I’m not sure we’re currently at peak Guardian but as CAMRA types like myself are often heard to say about pubs ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone’. The pub might not always be great but when its closed there is no further chance to address that.

So The Guardian will join the Morning Star and Socialist Worker as a tabloid as well as inferior organs like the Murdoch Times.

It is to be hoped that the accompanying redesign is as classy (and cost efficient) as we’d expect from the Guardian and the letters get a double page spread at last but most of all let’s hope it works and the paper continues. Without it the national conversation would be significantly poorer however annoying the paper may be on occassion..


3 Responses to “The Guardian tabloid: let’s hope it works”

  1. The Letters are the best bit.

  2. Not only will it join the Morning Star and Socialist Worked as a tabloid but it will be printed on the same presses

  3. The only reason I stopped reading the print The Guardian is the price. When will they realise that £700 + p.a.(or a bit less if you have a sub) for a newspaper is a luxury most people can’t afford these days. I hope they cut the price drastically – £2 for a tabloid is unacceptable.

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