Champions Trophy cricket: a balance between entertainment & sport

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Champions Trophy cricket: from free wi-fi to dreadful beer

I attended three of the group matches in the 2017 Champions Trophy a with my partner Megan, despite being much more of a fan of the longer form of cricket than shorter versions.

Even so the CT is a good chance to catch a range of international sides, ticket prices are relatively modest compared to Tests and tickets are relatively easy to get hold of (none of the matches we attended appeared to be sold out, perhaps an issue in itself, given the amount of cricket there is being played in the English domestic season this year).

So Sri Lanka v South Africa at the Oval, New Zealand v England and New Zealand v Bangla Desh at Cardiff it was.

Of those games the first was the worst, but frankly since it took place on the day of the London terror attack at London Bridge, and we fairly narrowly avoided being in the area (just a matter of which bus we took to have a beer at the close of the game, we went to Waterloo instead) there was much worse on that day.

The working free wi-fi at the grounds was welcome although I don’t suppose it will become a feature unfortunately. By contrast the beer choice was appalling. Some person in a suit had done a deal with drinks giant Diageo to provide a small range of essentially undrinkable beer. So coffee and water it was.

In terms of the actual play the drummers and fireworks were entertaining but there was too much interruption to play by a long way with music and drinks breaks (rarely really needed in an English summer and certainly not last week, but you know, sponsors and all that). Whether all these stoppages were factored into how long it should take to bowl the two times 50 overs Im not sure but it did sometimes feel as if I was attending not a day match but a day and early evening match.

This might be the biggest question raised here. Cricket is a balance between entertainment and sport but is the balance right here?

The Sri Lanka v South Africa game was not a real contest. New Zealand v England was but the latter team underlined how much progress the ODI side has made even if the batting fell away a bit on this occasion. The last match we saw, New Zealand v Bangla Desh was a gripping one indeed.

Watching cricket or any sport live is rather different from the TV but these days big screens showing replays and so on do provide a bit of the best of both.

In short three fairly enjoyable and sometimes better than that days which again raises the question of why the matches were not sold out. The capacity of the three grounds is hardly huge after all.



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