The Ambridge Socialist: which way forward after June 8th?

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 Years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

11th June


The Ambridge Socialist Poet in Residence at The Bull, Nicholas Lezard has composed a new verse:


I am the ghost in the gin

I will make you bark, and chase sheep

I will make you get lost for weeks in a flood

Of gin

Your owners will grieve for you

Your hair will become wiry

You will become unaccountably enthusiastic in the presence of strangers

You will eat from a bowl on the floor

But no one will pat you on the head.

No, no one will ever pat you on the head

Unless you actually become a dog

After drinking my gin



The Moral Maze

Helen and Tom are keen to sell a plot of land to Justin. Tony is less sure. The moral economy of Ambridge is being tested again…

There will be trouble ahead

Freddie has walked out of his maths exam and gone to a festival on the Isle of Wight with Jonny. This will no go well with Elizabeth

In Other News

Justin has been caught speeding

Matt Crawford has had a drink with Latif in The Bull….



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