Jeremy Corbyn 2017 compared to Tony Blair 1997

In Uncategorized on June 10, 2017 by kmflett

Electoral comparisons based on statistics without context or history tell quite a basic story.

Numbers have already made the point that well as Labour did on June 8th it didnt win which is the point. I’d say it is a very important point but not the only one. I’ll post on that later.

Even so is there is some interest in comparing how Tony Blair’s New Labour did in 1997 and how Jeremy Corbyn’s new, new Labour did in 2017


1997 418 2017 262

Increase in Labour vote from previous Election

1997 1.96m 2017 3.52m

Increase in % vote from previous Election

1997 8.8% 2017 9.5%

Perhaps the obvious points for 2017 are that the direction of electoral travel is very much in the right direction but that unless the Tory vote diminishes (as it did between the Elections of 1992 and 1997 for example) then there is still much work to do. That said the advance on June 8th means that many Tory held seats are much more winnable with quite modest increases in the Labour vote than they were. In 1992 Major went the full 5 years. That may not be the case in 2017 with May or whoever succeeds her.

And I should point out of course that while important there is more to life than Parliament. When it comes to the DUP, ‘protest and survive’ remains of relevance.


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