Jaipur IPA’s 12th birthday

In Uncategorized on June 7, 2017 by kmflett

Thornbridge have tweeted that today is the 12th anniversary of the first brew of Jaipur IPA. 40 casks were brewed at Thornbridge Hall (the main brewery has since moved to nearby Bakewell). These days it is also available on keg.

I had a pint of cask Jaipur on a warm London evening a couple of weeks back and it still tasted good to me. Of course beer has moved on to some extent and while once Jaipur was a stand out beer, now it is one amongst numbers. That said it is still a very decent pint (and pint it would normally be I think at 5.9%).

The interesting thing, perhaps, is how long ago now relatively it was first brewed. I dont keep notes of beers I drink where or when (except on social media) but I doubt if I came across Jaipur let alone drank it before 2010 (or so). That after all is broadly the date when ‘craft’ beer or the new (then) micro-breweries started to make an impact. Of course some bars such as the Rake (in thoughts particularly this week) had been around a bit before then.

So Jaipur was a forerunner, and early brand for a change in beer. A 5.9% IPA was not something you came across regularly in 2005. As important it has been good enough to be still a beer many would choose if they saw it on a bar.


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