Beer, Brewdog, Cloudwater & Polling Day

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Beer, Brewdog, Cloudwater & Polling Day

The relationship between beer and polling days in Elections has been a problematic one.

E.P. Thompson in the Making of the English Working Class notes the 1806 election in Westminster. It had a wider franchise than most areas at the time but Thompson writes ‘it was still possible to defeat the Radicals.. by deploying the resources of bribery and deference’.

That meant in particular on polling day that ‘beer was given to the crowd, the heads of butts were knocked in and “coal heavers ladled out beer out with their long-tailed, broad-brimmed hats’.

Thanks to the efforts of the Chartists and Suffragettes we now have a secret ballot with restrictions about how influence can be brought to bear on polling day in particular.

Numbers of pubs are offering free pints to those who vote on June 8th, but one might suggest that this is simply encouraging the democratic impulse.

As might be expected Brewdog in particular have gone big on this.

In the circumstances it is certainly prudent of them to suggest that they don’t care who people vote for.

As might be expected Cloudwater have a more considered view:

As for myself I’m clear that a vote for Labour is the most prudent for beer lovers but be aware that I’m not planning to buy you a beer if you follow my advice.



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