The Ambridge Socialist: Justin v the People of Ambridge

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The Ambridge Socialist
65 years of the class struggle in Borsetshire
June 4th

Justin v The People of Ambridge

Justin Elliott looks set to move for total control of Ambridge in the near future.

His plans to set up a piggery at Berrow Farm have leaked, to the extent that partner in crime Brian has failed to pay for a round he ordered at The Bull. That is serious. It also means his plans to will be opposed by local organic pig fans who are far from few in number

Kirsty has already called Justin out at a Parish Council meeting but he has claimed that his actions are in the greater interests of Ambridge and that anyway all the slurry will disappear into the diabolical converter (probably along with those who oppose his schemes on the quiet).

At the same time Justin has offered Pat and Tony £1m for a field on their farm- subject to OPP- so that a small upmarket housing estate can be built. Justin feels that Ambridge is too full of rural idiots, yokels and of course Archers and plans some social engineering. How far will Pat and Tony’s principles take them? We shall see.

Ambridge Socialist poll: which side are you on? Justin or the People of Ambridge

BBC reports from Ambridge never mention party politics even in the run up to a General Election (RPA and all that) but Brexit is a matter for all parties so this week David and Ruth have gone ahead with Farm Sunday opining that Brookfield will go on whatever Brexit brings. Meanwhile Brexiteer Adam is struggling with on-shored workers who there to do the seasonal fruit picking.

Single Wicket
Chris has won but women players made a strong showing this year. They are the future of Ambridge cricket now.


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