Ambridge Socialist poll results: Jennifer & Jolene most likely to recall Sgt Pepper, followed by Joe Grundy

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The Ambridge Socialist
Ambridge and Sergeant Pepper

4th June

When the Beatles Sergeant Pepper was first released on June 1st 1967 there were different times in Ambridge.

Here is a summary of Ambridge in 1967 written by Keri Davies, hirsute Archers scriptwriter

Jennifer’s pregnancy shocked the Archer family. Jack was all for throwing her out, but more compassionate counsels – including Dan’s – prevailed.

Jennifer named her baby boy Adam, and escaped village gossip by moving to Bristol. She refused to name the father, but Adam’s shock of red hair suggested it might be Brookfield cowman Paddy Redmond.

Nelson Gabriel was reported missing in a plane crash, but fingerprints on a whisky bottle implicated him in a robbery on the Borchester mail van.

They were not grooving to Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds in the Bull in June 1967 or if they were the BBC certainly wasnt reporting it, but who is most likely to recall Sgt Pepper’s 50th anniversary now?

The Ambridge Socialist poll found that readers thought that Jennifer Aldridge and Jolene Rogers were most likely to be found listening to a Day in the Life this week, followed by Joe Grundy who may have been reminiscing about ‘When I’m 64’


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