Should the law prevent ‘beard bans’ at work?

In Uncategorized on June 2, 2017 by kmflett

Beard Liberation Front

2nd June

Should the law prevent ‘beard bans’ at work?

Construction company Mears have banned beards at work due, they claim, to safety related issues.

In reality the issue appears to be cost as Mears want to use a low cost dust mask rather more expensive ones that can be worn with beards.

In 2017 can it be right for employer to be able to diktat how people dress and appear at work, from beards to skirts (not trousers) and high heels for women?

The Beard Liberation Front is calling for a change to employment laws to prevent employers from ordering people to dress or appear in a certain way in the workplace, provided of course that they appear smartly dressed in customer facing roles and appropriately dressed for the job in hand. What is your view?


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