Sergeant Pepper: The Beatles reach peak moustache

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Beard Liberation Front

June 1st

It would have been surprising to find the clean cut, clean shaven, suit wearing Beatles of the early 1960s with facial hair. But it was the 1960s and the Times They Were A Changin’.

With the 50th anniversary of the release of Sergeant Pepper on June 1st we should recall that prior to the record’s release the Beatles had reached peak moustache. A useful guide is here:

By the time of the recording sessions for Sgt Pepper all four Beatles had grown moustaches and this was reflected in the publicity at the time the record appeared. However when the Beatles played All You Need is Love live in Our World on 25th June 1967 only George and Ringo had sustained their facial hair growth.

Partly the moustaches may have been fashion, partly a Sgt Pepper ‘look’ capturing what an Edwardian band might have looked like. Most of all though they perhaps captured the spirit of the late 1960s: suits no more, people can dress and appear as they want.




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