The Ambridge Socialist: Hilda Ogden, class warrior

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 Years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

May 28th

Hilda Ogden: class warrior

The Ambridge Socialist salutes Hilda Ogden, Peggy’s latest cat, for scratching Ambridge fat cat Brian. We hope the cat will continue to actively police the ruling class of Ambridge in the times to come.


Justin is sorting out the divorce settlement with Miranda. Anyone who thinks he is marrying Lilian has misunderstood. He is in fact marrying Borsetshire to satisfy his love for money and yet more money.

Pigs & pig men

Justin pondering his lifelong love for money has agreed with Brian that Berrow Farm, a rather unfortunate previous venture, might usefully be turned over to pigs. The only issue is,who will be the pigman?

In Other News

David is becoming an angry old man

Toby thinks he can get back together with Pip.

Speeding motorists in Ambridge are more common than previously thought



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