The 44th Cambridge beer festival: CAMRA modernises

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The Cambridge Beer Festival: CAMRA modernises

I stopped by the 44th Cambridge Beer Festival held on Jesus Green on Tuesday with Megan Davies. It has some claim to being the oldest CAMRA festival and while I am clearly really old I’m not quite so old that I attended the first ones. In fact my first memory of the fest was when it was at the Corn Exchange, moving at some point to the football ground and then to its current location.

It must be one of the longest running and well known of the Spring outdoor events in the UK, always held in the run up to the late May BH.

I must admit that after the events in Manchester I hardly felt much like going and drinking beer but actually as Jeremy Corbyn noted one way we defeat terrorism is to carry on with things and perhaps in particular a way of life that the terrorist seeks to disrupt.

Anyway 44 years old it may but Cambridge BF is moving with the times. The cheese, pork pie etc stalls were still there, and notwithstanding social media commentary about whether keeping the cheese cold is essential for food safety reasons, it was sufficiently warm on Tuesday evening for this not to matter too much.

There were still plenty of traditional cask beers, what some may call ‘twig,’ but lots of what some call ‘craft’ as well.

There was a keykeg bar from Jolly Good Beer bringing the delights of Beavertown, Cloudwater and much else to Cambridge but some local brewers including Bexar County and 3 Blind Mice also had a mix of cask and keykeg.

If you were after DIPAs and imperial stouts there was a range to choose from and Cambridge for some years has sold in third pint measures so you could actually sample them prudently. In some cases I shared a third with Megan to allow a further range of samples..

In short mixing tradition with progess, Cambridge shows modernisation can work.

The festival runs until 27th May




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