The Ambridge Socialist: new Ambridge gin crisis

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 Years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

21st May

Ambridge Gin crisis

With both Kenton and Toby involved it was obvious that not too long would pass before there was an Ambridge gin crisis. Kenton has invested in Toby’s gin distilling, instead of paying back David the loan he had from him to keep The Bull going. Toby however has f**ked up the latest batch of Scruff’s gin meaning there is a shortfall in supply. No one is happy, as is usual in Ambridge

Labour gaining on the Tories in South Borsetshire

The latest poll conducted for the Ambridge Socialist on how people will vote in South Borsetshire on June 8th shows the following:

Bufton Tufton (Tory) 41%

Jeremy Fox (Labour) 35%

Tim Spliffing (LibDem) 9%

Worzel Gummidge (Green) 5%

A.Hilter (UKIP) 2%

Can Miranda & Justin agree a divorce settlement?

Negotiations are underway between Miranda and Justin on a divorce settlement. Horses have loomed large, but Justin is happy for Miranda to have his ski-lodge. The next stage is for Miranda to meet Matt Crawford.

In Other News

Matt has returned some trinkets he stole from Lillian. Who he stole them from this time has not been disclosed

Harrison has held a road safety session in the Village Hall. He may have more success with the cricket team



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