From ‘you’ve never had it so good’ to ‘things can only get worse’: Tory Manifestos 1959-2017

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From ‘You’ve never had it so good’ to ‘things can only worse’ Tory Manifestos- 1959-2017

Below are some extracts from the Conservative Manifesto for the 1959 General Election (which they won). A link to the full Manifesto is at the bottom.

In 1959 British capitalism was entering the post war boom that ended in the early 1970s but it was still only 14 years after the end of World War Two which had left Britain more or less bankrupt without US support.

The message of Tory leader Harold Macmillan was optimistic and upbeat.

Compare that to the messages Theresa May was sending out when the 2017 Conservative Manifesto was launched on Thursday. What little positives there were got drowned out by statements about social care, pensions and tax that hardly suggested a positive or hopeful future.

One wonders about the psychological mindset of those at senior levels in the Conservative Party

Conservative Manifesto 1959

Conservative policy is to double the British standard of living in this generation and ensure that all sections of society share in the expansion of wealth…..

By raising living standards and by social reform we are succeeding in creating One Nation at home. We must now carry this policy into the wider world where the gap between the industrialised and the underdeveloped nations is still so great. This can be done by individual service, by increased trade and by investment, public and private…..

Prosperity depends on the combined efforts of the nation as a whole. None of us can afford outmoded approaches to the problems of today, and we intend to invite the representatives of employers and trades unions to consider afresh with us the human and industrial problems that the next five years will bring…….

The development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes will be pressed ahead. A conference will be called of those concerned in industry and education to forward the spread and understanding of automation. We shall encourage new inventions and the development of new techniques……

The rates of retirement pensions, which we have increased three times, have now a real buying power over ten shillings higher than in 1951. We pledge ourselves to ensure that pensioners continue to share in the good things which a steadily expanding economy will bring…..



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