Craft Beer & the General Election: are craft beer drinkers on the left?

In Uncategorized on May 15, 2017 by kmflett

Craft Beer and the General Election: are craft beer drinkers on the left?

I’m writing a piece about beer and the General Election for the Culture Matters site.

A good deal of it is about history, when there was a definitely a close relationship between beer and votes particularly before the secret ballot was introduced.

However I’ll be touching on June 8th.

One issue that interests is what the political profile of those who drink craft beer is (for definitions of craft beer see the interweb). I know Cloudwater did a poll on this a few weeks back and the assumption tends to be that most of those who identify as craft drinkers are of a leftwards political inclination. Again this is very broad so I’d define that only as ‘not Tory’. I’m well aware of the old split between the Tories as the party of the Beerage and the Liberals as the party of Temperance (with Labour tending towards the latter but also suggesting there might be other issues such as grinding poverty). These days I think there is at best an echo of those historical positions for reasons I explain in the piece.

My view is that most craft beer drinkers who take a public position are not likely to be Tories (and the same possibly goes for craft brewers). Yet anyone can order a drink at a bar and so craft beer drinkers must in fact include Tories. And by the way, why not?

It’s a secret ballot so I’m not interested in how you do or do not vote (for the purposes of this exercise). What I’m interested in is perceptions. Do you think most craft beer drinkers are broadly on the left? Or is it more complicated?

And yes there is a great deal more to the world than party and electoral politics…..


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